I hate plans. Plans are for people who plan things and I don’t plan things.

As a recent graduate, I get asked one question in particular almost everyday- “What are your plans for the fall?” The proper response would involve items like a job that pertains to a career, a house (or any shelter for that matter), and a bank account that actually accrues interest. In my ideal world I would respond with, “my plans consist of not having a plan at all.” But I’m sensitive to the fact that this could give my friends and family a severe heart attack, so instead I usually just smile politely, grit my teeth and say I am actively looking for a big girl job and will let them know when it comes to fruition. This isn’t a complete lie, but it just so happens that my dream job is more along the lines of professional Indiana Jones and less along the lines of a 9 to 5. And you can’t force a life of tomb raiding and artifact saving… so for now I am gaining valuable life experiences and enjoying every minute of it!

But if you must know, I do have some ideas of what my fall might look like. Once the rafting season on the Rogue is over, I will be heading to the Grand Canyon to row baggage for 2 1/2 weeks. After that I will head back to Ashland, find a job of some sort (probably at a restaurant, yay tips!) and spend time with my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in 3 months. During my time in Ashland I will be dreaming of traveling and will probably start saving for my next big adventure. At the moment I have three ideas (not plans) of what my spring/summer might look like.

1. Go to Guatemala for awhile and build an earth ship school out of trash, tires and adobe.

2. Go back to Southern Patagonia and work at Erratic Rock Hostel.

3. Backpack around Southeastern Asia until I run out of money.

Plans work great for most people, but for me I have way too much going on in my head to organize my thoughts into something more than dreams and fairy dust. Life has a silly way of working itself out and I’m all for seeing what it has in store for me!




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  1. Abby

    Man Carly, you inspired me. I think I finally have a calling which involves being a bit more planted but I’ll never regret trying to see the world a bit 🙂 I like the recycled school idea! Sounds like your having a great time, I’m so happy for you 🙂


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